Tips For Keeping Your Space Clean Of Clutter

Clutter is a major issue for m any people.  Over time we will collect more and more stuff that just seems to overflow and take over our spaces.  As we sit there and scratch our heads wondering why we just didn’t hire janitorial services portland or, we realize that we just need to bite the bullet and learn how to keep our spaces organized.

Defined times

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The best way to get started is to define times where you will stop and pick up after yourself.  One of the reasons that things get so out of control is that we say we will get to it later or something along those lines.  The problem is, never ever comes and things just pile up higher and higher.

Project based cleaning

Similar to defined times, you want to look at project-based cleaning.  How this works is that you will start one project, complete it as far as you can go and then clean up and make sure everything is organized before starting the next.  The drawback to this is that we tend to be working on multiple projects at one time which prevents us from stopping and cleaning up.

Task based cleaning

A great way to clean is to create a task-based cleaning schedule.  How this works is that everyone will have a defined chore that they need to do in order to clean up the space.  One person will be required to take out the trash, another wipe down the counters and tables, another attacks another problem and so on and so on.  This is a great way to ensure that everything is done, and that people aren’t singled out for specific tasks.  You can also do a rotation system so that everyone will have to do all the tasks as well.

When it comes to cleaning it doesn’t have to be difficult.  Taking a few minutes and a few extra steps will help ensure that you are not overrun by clutter.